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Message from the Head Instructor

Book Translation Project Update

Gennan Buhaku, 2005-02-07

The translation of the first four chapters of Assistant Headmaster Tsumaki Kazuo Genwa Sensei’s book, Tamiya Ryu Iaijutsu - One Point Lesson, is now complete. Only two chapters remain to be put into English: “Koran no Maki” (Second Volume Advanced Kata) and the “Tachitai no Den” (two-person sparring sequences.) It is my goal to have these last pieces completed by the time that the Sensei arrive in Michigan this coming July so that the entire text can be take back to Japan and be reviewed for possible revisions an/or changes in format. Working on this project has been most informative and enlightening, to say the least, and has given me innumerable insights into the Okugi (secrets) of Tamiya Ryu Iaijutsu.