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Reflections Through Haiku

Genkou, 2022-06-30

I began my USTRI journey in Clarkston, at Baycourt Park in 2008. There was a class in the Parks and Recs catalog about “… a 400 year old Koryu art.” Little did I know how much my life would change, or that here in June 2022 I would be in instructor of Tamiya Ryu Iaijutsu.

In my younger days growing up in Honolulu I recall my father taking the family to a monthly ritual: going to see Kung Fu or Samurai movies at the old Empress Theater. I was always amazed by the mystique of those cinema swordsmen. I wanted to be like Toshiro Mifune. And now, I want to be like those stunt men who probably were the real talent in front of the cameras.

It’s been a long time since I published any Haiku, so I searched my archives and came up with some from many years ago…

Staring at the sky
Tripped up by my hakama
I meant to do that
Overwhelming strength
It’s not your skill at Kata
Please wash your kneepads
The Questions of Death
When was the Ninth Sokei born?
Learn to love push-ups
Prepare for Shinsa
The deepest questions of all…
Where do I buy Yen?
After the Shinsa
A deeper question arrives
Sushi or Curry?
My hand is shaking
Concentrate, focus your mind,
Don’t spill the sake…

Respectfully submitted,
Daniel Wung (Genkou)