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Douglas Jarrett (Genchi), 2022-11-26

January 2005 I observed a class of Tamiya Ryu IaiJutsu and started to attend the classes.

In April of that year I submitted an application to become a Deshi (formal Student). After being interviewed, I was accepted and began training in earnest. Over the years a class I joined, changed from a weekly exercise class into a way of life.

One of the changes in my life was learning an area you had used, clean after using even if it was unclean when you arrived or others had also used the area with you.

Now November 2022 the F.I.F.A. world cup playoffs are now in Qatar. The Japanese team came from behind to win but the bigger news was the actions of the fans and the team.

Social Media is full of praise two other country’s fans are now following the Japanese example in cleaning up after the game. A Prime Minister of the one nation and a reporter from Qatar expressed praise for their actions.

I continue to this custom, afterwards I feel a sense of REI (right action), not that I am looking for acknowledgement, just leaving it as it should be.

Respectfully submitted,