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Poetry In Motion

USTRI Deshi, 2009-09-30

Sometimes just talking doesn’t describe the experiences we encounter through Iaijutsu practice. The following are short poems, and haiku from some of our Deshi.


“In the moment My vision (concentrated and blurred) Aware of everything I notice my enemy He advances (calm and collected) Deliberately In my direction I look at him (giving him warning) I clutch my blade (He advances quicker) I strike with lightning (Once to push him back) (Once for forgiveness)

My eyes follow him down (concentrated and blurred) Aware of everything The rumble of thunder follows

I clean my blade and sheath it

In that moment It was his life or mine It was unavoidable”

Jason Kilgore Tamiya Ryu Iaijutsu Shodan


An old mountain path Mudansha to Yudansha A pleasant journey

Doug Jarrett Tamiya Ryu Iaijutsu Sandan

Two birds fight midair, A brief touch as they collide Mirror lake ripples

Brent Eastman (Gento) Tamiya Ryu Iaijutsu Godan

On the lighter side… Daniel Wung has been creating and entertaining us with these following Haiku about his experiences. We have include a number of them to choose from, they are filled with both insight and humor…

Overwhelming Strength It’s not your skill at kata, Please wash your kneepads

The ripple is felt All retreat from my Ma’ai Baked beans find their voice

My foot will not move Seated in Seiza too long Now it’s going numb

I stare at the sky Tripped up by my hakama I meant to do that

My kata is weak My Haiku is even worse Should I take up Golf?

Bamboo rolls abused Katana needs sharpening Bruised soggy mats

WAMPS Haiku Reflections:

Up, down, up, down, up… Question of Death unanswered, Floor could use some wax.

Let’s try Number Two! I will count out the numbers, A, B, C, uh, oops.

The Sword of No Mind, No Mind meet Question of Death, Learn to love push-ups.

To make my calls loud, I just fill my gut, he says, See how big mine is?

Who made this stuff up? Yet another Question missed, Can I phone a Friend?

Kenshibu practice, A bunch of deshi prancing, Don’t step on my Fan!

Blue sky, cold clear day, We got here two hours early, Snowstorms were forecast?

Danno Wung
Tamiya Ryu Iaijutsu Ikkyu